Friday, April 1, 2011

Can Your Town Make You Fat?

I thought that we stay healthy here in the land of vineyards and Farmers' Markets by eating and drinking well and enjoying the great outdoors. Welp, it seems I was only partly right. The town you pick to live in, can make the big difference in how fit and sassy you are.
As Aussie researchers put it, " People living in more populated neighbourhoods with well-connected streets and shops within easy walking distance are more likely to be active and less likely to be obese." Getting out for a coffee or to mail a package or pick up a quart of milk without a car is real exercise. Yes it is.
Here are the facts.
Indeed, "for each kilometre walked by respondents, there was a decrease of 4.8 per cent in the risk of obesity. And for each hour a day spent in their cars, there was an increased risk of obesity of about 6 per cent."

My friend likes to tell me "walk a hound, lose a pound." which is totally true in my household.
Now we can add "Pick a Town, Lose a Pound." Hey, it's a good mantra on the road too, where we can pick hotels in the center of things and use leg-power to get around. Gold Country in the Sierra Foothills is full of such cool, walking towns.
Also, my best tip: CATALINA ISLAND near Los Angeles (in the picture above), where there are nice wine stores, fresh fish tacos and almost no cars at all.

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