Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cycle Chic in Your Town

Riding our everyday bikes around the neighborhood is actually fashionable. What a great development! 
Of course, cycling each day also keeps all our joints working and is easy aerobic exercise, as well as being green and cheap. Really, what is there not to like?
And now I can pick out cool togs that match my (neon green) bike and make a fashion statement as I pedal to the post office. 
Note to self: black seems like a good basic look for my bike, with contrasting casual brights. Stay away from pastels.

My inspiration comes from the new book "Cycle Chic" by Mikel Colville-Anderson. Lots of pictures of sexy folks wearing interesting clothes as they cycle in cities around the world. Another note: riding in heels is more comfortable than walking in heels. 
Mikel also has a blog filled with fun tidbits, (here's a post about cycling in skirts and dresses) but the book is the best way to get immersed in his vision. Happy riding everyone.

Photos courtesy:, Cycle Chic