Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Zippy idea: Sell Car & Lose Pounds

I had to include this because it strikes me as so funny and so true. Maybe the easiest and most lucrative way to lose weight and get fit is to sell your family's second car on Craigslist. I just sold my car, don't plan on replacing it, and will keep you posted in three months if this holds true for me.

In any case , Zipcar is pushing the idea. Here's the scoop, (from Karl Greenberg at MediaPost) ..."Zipcar Inc. has launched a social media campaign called Low-Car Diet. The goal is to get people to give up their wheels for 30-days and use other means of mobility. The company did a similar effort last year, wherein some 252 people participated --and lost an overall total of 413 pounds."

Friday, August 13, 2010

Eat Play Bike

So it turns out treadmills are surprisingly big. As per my previous post, I wanted a machine to help me and my energetic pup get a better workout, and I thought a treadmill was the answer. But alas, it didn't fit in my small house. Not even close. Then I turned to a machine that I already had, and one that could stand up to the elements out on the deck.

It's my bike, of course. Now I take my life in my hands almost every day and run Einstein-the-dog up and down the less-traveled neighborhood streets. It's a workout because every muscle in my body is tensed as I speed along. Luckily, we've had no major mishaps so far, despite the best efforts of cats, skateboarders, squirrels and passing pit bulls. But I do hear a lot of giggles from drivers and passersby as the two of us zigzag down the road.
I guess I've learned--once again -- that getting a workout is where you find it. And sometimes you can entertain the town while you are at it. (The movie "Eat Pray Love" has nothing on us.)

After these shenanigans, my bemused hubby and I have been enjoying some good summertime wine with peanuts-in-the-shell on the porch. Most of our favorite bottles are made by winemaker friends and not available for sale, but one storebought success is Rosenblum's Zinfandel. Plus, a neighbor who works at Ferrari-Carrano always has wonderful bottles of Pinot Noir to share.

So stay upright and have fun in the sun.