Monday, February 1, 2010

Not for the Picky

I admit it. We wine-and-foodies often take ourselves way too seriously here in Healdsburg and the rest of vineland.

That's why you gotta love this online “poetry” collection I stumbled upon while working on a story. It’s Spam recipe Haiku and it’s a kick. A quick sampling…

“Fried SPAM and white rice.

Nitrates and fiber combo.

Breakfast of champi'ns.”

Or here’s another;

“Cold SPAM canapés

Served up by John Belushi—

Martha Stewart's Hell!”

And in case you wondered,

“Pork and Beans and SPAM

with Macaroni and Cheese
and a fine Merlot”

for more, see

Who knows, maybe next time I'll cover Cheez Whiz.
Other ideas?