Monday, August 15, 2011

Bicycles Keep Us Young

I like to think that to stay young, it really helps to have a Bike you don't have to lock and a Dog that you do have to walk.

The "beater" bike is probably secondhand and can be replaced at the Goodwill for a the price of a bottle of wine. That means you take it anywhere at the drop of a hat and don't worry about it. Soon, it becoming easier than driving for your daily errands.
As for Dogs, well, if you have a young pup you know what I mean. You will get your exercise no matter what the weather or you will have a very, very messy house. In my case, I seem to have both. How does that work?

And now, a new dimension. Young people think riding around on a bike is cool. Better than a car. Indeed the local hipster hotel H2 offers patrons a low-tech, high-design bike to find all the best cafes and wine bars. Their parents are the ones driving around town in the pricey sport cars.

I have to digest this, but in the meantime, check out this vending machine for energy drinks that takes cycle power instead of coins.
Oh yeah, my wine/food tip for August. A deep Syrah with BBQ chicken and pulled pork. Followed with great chunks of melon......cheers