Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Open-Minded Wine Fans Unite

I try not to be too picky about wines. That way I can venture out and still enjoy the various vintages that cross my path. But I admit to a few favorites -- both wines and winemakers. Take Vince Tofanelli (pictured here) and his Zinfandel, for instance. It's killer. Vince advises us to pair it with any tomato-based dish. Also a slice of home-made chocolate cake. Wow.

Tofanelli is a tiny Napa winery with really old Italian grapevines.
Wines cost about $35 and you have to order them. So they are a special treat -- but without a trace of snob appeal. I have no problem storing them right next to my inexpensive red table wine from the winery down the street. All enjoyed in good fun.