Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Frugal is Cool?

Hey, did you hear alcohol in the home is a big trend for this recession? Hello Wine Country BBQs. Also big are vintage clothes and durable, non-disposable stuff (that is also more green). Sure, recessions are hell. We are all working more for less. But on another level, it’s like being young (and thrifty) again. Less shopping, more socializing. Frugal is back to being cool.

In our household we try to figure out every possible way to make travel cheaper – so we are still on the move despite the cash crunch. For gifts for our hosts we bring along some good boutique wines, with good stories. Or we ship them ahead of us, even better. A consistent winner is Davis Family wine around the corner from our home office, made by winemaker-baseball fan Guy Davis, the Dodgers foe who travels the world for wine. His Pinot and Zinfandels rock. Other friends do the same with local cheeses or microbrews. All are good beginnings for parties with faraway pals when we are on the road.

Speaking of core values (friends and food) brings to mind exercising our cores, which is modernspeak for our midsections. Walking, cycling and lifting heavy things don’t do it. Pilates does, but is a bit specialized and your need the outfits. Here’s my tip. After hours on the computer, stand up and stretch a bit. Then lay flat on the floor with your feet up on your chair and your arms outstretched. Add some jazz. After you wake up (it’s veeery relaxing), try some simple crunches. With feet still up, slowly lift your head and chest up straight and then go back down. Next, cross your legs and turn from side to side as you lift. It’s a start -- there are lots of other easy core exercises, including this one from my sister, the pro: http://www.karenvoight.com/articles/article.asp?id=372