Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Juanita is Gone

Juanita's Restaurants: Raunchy Side of Vine Land
"Her first local restaurant, Juanita's Galley, opened in El Verano in 1960 and introduced the Valley to an eccentric personality who let an endless assortment of pets have free run of her dining room and sometimes used her pendulous breasts to profoundly embarrass her dumbfounded guests."

"There will almost certainly never be another Juanita Musson. There couldn't be. It would violate various laws of nature and society. Juanita, who hasn't needed a last name for decades, died on Saturday at 87, closing one of the most colorful chapters in Bay Area restaurant history."

This was written by my editor pal David Bolling. About the bohemian element of our world -- large, loud, loving, profane, passionate, garrulous, generous, outgoing and outrageous.


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