Monday, July 12, 2010

Machine to the Rescue?

I just got back from a rare afternoon walk in the sunshine. Rare, because it is under 90 degrees out and I didn't have email calling me back to my desk. The break served to loosen some ideas for a new small-business advice column, so you could say I was working. But as I led my dog Einstein to the front door, his sad face couldn't hide his reluctance that our walk was over so soon.

And then it hit me. We need to get a treadmill. Why? Because I was as reluctant as Einstein, really. And I felt like I needed more of a workout. I can't believe that I would consider something as mundane and mechanical -- and as big --- as a boring old treadmill. But it's true. At our home, both man and beast could use what that machine has to offer. An efficient, predictable and always available way to get exercise. And, just like when I used to go to the gym, I can crank the incline up and really work my muscles for a short burst of time.
The fact of the matter is my town is flat, we have to drive to find hills to walk and it's not happening despite good intentions.
So there you have it. A treadmill. Me.

By the way, here's a followup to my earlier porch pairing idea. One of our favorite dinners as we sit outside and watch the world go by is fish tacos and Rose of Pinot Noir. You can use any leftover grilled fish with lots of lime juice, a little salsa and lightly dressed cole slaw in a warm tortilla. Excellent. The dry, fruity flavor of the Rose wine is a cheerful foil to the food, especially if you add a bit of apple, pear, pineapple or another fruit to the cole slaw.

Fish in tacos, outdoors-lovers on treadmills. What's the world coming to?

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