Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Goats in Our Family

Everybody's got family stories. Here's a good one from my nephew Tony Valls, a former city kid who lives in the Northern California wilderness with his wife Mary, their three daughters and a bunch of animals. A creative bunch -- their latest project is making soothing soap with the milk of their female goats. Yes, goats.

Tony's tale about their boy goat:

"Levi is a curious goat. Levi has been watching, with interest, our dogs appearing and disappearing through our doggie door into the house. He has tried pushing the door with his head, but to the side of the doggie door itself so he was lightly butting the door. I figured it was his poor depth perception had no worries of him getting into the house.

Gidget, our golden retriever, adopted Levi has her little brother. Gidget thought Levi should be allowed in the house, so she gave him a little help. She was standing halfway through the doggie and trying to get Levi to come through....After some trial and error, it worked. Gidget was so happy, so proud that Levi made it into the house. Levi was also happy to be in the house. He greeted everyone, checked the place out and was put back outside through the front door. Levi then trotted around the front porch to the side of the house, went through the doggie door and happily greeted everyone again...Now I need a solution to keep the goat out and still let the dogs use the doggie door."

I told you they were a creative bunch.
Here's a picture of Levi and one of the other family dogs. (It seems Gidget was too shy.)
Also, the Valls handmade goat milk soap is divine.
cheers,  Joan

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