Friday, September 16, 2011

Food, Bikes & Wit, Thanks to Twitter

As I'm cruising around the web, I've found some great voices on Twitter. 
Everyone has to get to the point quickly when they tweet - and I've become addicted.
You know I love wine, dogs, bikes and food from the garden. In that vein, here are my Twitter favs: with sample blurbs. 

@EatThisNotThat      FAT ATTACK: Uno Chicago Grill Classic Deep Dish Pizza (individual size) = 165 g fat = 12.5 Oscar Meyer Cheese Dogs!

@Chow     Make hotcakes filled with fresh summer corn and blackberry syrup this weekend 

@fastcompany     Bamboo Bikes Turn Heads In The U.S., Fight Poverty In Africa

@Richard Florida      "If you give the creative class access to the power of the industrial revolution, great things should come out of it," Mark Hatch Tech Shop 

Now I'm on the lookout for witty wine tweets, ideas?

Feels Like Fall
(photo by Ross & Mary) 

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