Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Smarts: Walk faster, Eat slower

It's the holidays. No snow in these parts. but frosty cold day and night -- with loads of twinkling lights in all the shops and cafes. Too bad our schedules are so darn tight, it's hard to find time to enjoy them.
In that vein, here are some short takes.

Brisk walks will make you happier, fitter, but we knew that. Turns out they also make you smarter. Which can come in very handy.

How to work at home and not get fat. Have you noticed how many people with normal traditional jobs work at home? Home office pros know a few tricks about staying in shape. Such as nourishing quick soups instead of chips. And fruit is healthy, but it's not a meal.
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So, I officially vow to mix Chistmas shopping with peppy window-shopping walks and to concoct simple lunches of low-salt broth, veggies, beans and turkey. My reward is wine -- a spicy, old-vine Zinfandel at quitting time.
cheers to all,


Candi said...

Spicy zin, peppy walks and hot soup. Sounds like a healthy recipe to me! Cheers to you, Ms Grape!

Kristi said...

Just what I needed to read today. I have been brainstorming some healthier routines to combat working at home. Thanks