Saturday, August 22, 2009

Twisted Sisters -- My Favorite Blogs

As promised, here are some of the communities that capture my fancy when I'm cruising around the Web.
You can click on links to each of them on the left side of this blog under the title "LIVING THE DREAM'

Cranky Fitness
This is a health blog written by Crabby McSlacker and Merry Sunshine. If you like upbeat inspirational advice about how easy and fun it is to eat healthy food, lose weight, and stay in shape -- this is NOT where you would find it. One of the founding principles of Cranky Fitness is: Healthy Living is a Pain in the Ass. Which is so true most of the time--which is why it is more fun to think about wine, friends and fresh eating.
You'll find a twisted take on general health, fitness, nutrition, personal development, disease prevention, aging, and whatever else the authors happen to feel like whining about on a given day.

Divine Caroline
This is hub of forums and essays about life in the female lane, with a splash of sass. My favorite section covers home and food -- no surprise there. A particularly good forum is "A Girl's Gotta Drink," in which people opine about memorable cocktails and other beverages. For instance, one member writes,"I really love a bourbon Manhattan, I think it is one of the classic cocktails of a past sophisticated age when people drank Martinis, Old Fashioneds, Gimlets, Tom Collins, Side Cars and Screwdrivers."
I couldn't agree more.

Fitness Insights by Jamie Atlas
This is a blog by a trainer and regular guy who is gallantly trying to make sense out of all the "Health and Fitness" lecturing out there.
Jamie is just cool and totally reasonable. He won me over with advice for the inevitable back and knee pain that comes from working in an office. Hey, we've all been there.

Now, let's go outside enjoy the sun.

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Janis Mara said...

ooh, love the idea of the "Girl's Gotta Drink" blog referencing all those old school alcoholic concoctions. I believe the whiskey sour, Golden Cadillac and Shirley Temple are other examples. Off to check out this blog now!