Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The East is the New West

Well, it's a new day--with a fresh, more international future for America. For those of us who truly like the rest of the world--what a huge relief to have Obama be our global emissary. Actually I think I'll give little globes out for Christmas this year, just so we can all catch up.
Of course food has always been international. We were in New York State for election week and enjoyed Jewish, Caribbean, Indian, Chinese, Halal (at the cart on 6th Ave. in Manhattan) and Cajun food. All of it goes beautifully with Irish beer in the pubs and German Reislings from the Finger Lakes area upstate. (Manhattans and mojitos are nice too. More on that later.) Plus golf and walking up and down subway and train stations. East Coast transit rocks.
Back home, we have bikes instead, so that will have to do.
Right now I'm missing our little town of Corning NY, near the Finger Lakes. With its ornate brick storefronts, glass art, pretty eateries, lively nightlife, great Indian food and odd characters aka Sweaty John. Holidays sparkle in Corning.
But onward....we have a new president. It's a new day.
BTW: Here's info about my favorite Halal cart in case you are in midtown Manahttan.

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