Friday, October 3, 2008

Ode to Orange

October already. sheesh.
Orange is the color of the season -- for the designer types as well as for the autumn vineyards. There is always plenty of orange around our household lately because of all the oranges falling from the trees and stacking up in baskets on the dining table and in the back of the refrigerator. The founding fathers of Healdsburg who planted citrus trees all over the place had no idea what they started.
A pal who just returned from New England points out that they pay a dollar for an orange back there. (I'd be rich!) But they get fresh maple syrup from the family "sugar shack" for free. And she gave me a jar... Amazing stuff.
Then the two thoughts collided. The result: The Maple - Orange Smoothie. Non-fat milk, a ripe banana, a whole, peeled, very cold orange from the back of the fridge, a spoonful of real maple syrup. Blend it all together with lots of air and a sprinkle of nutmeg. It's the perfect treat for after a hike up a hill or two to gaze at the beginnings of fall color--or at least our wimpy California version of fall color. But, admit it, you EastCoasters, our russet leaves might not impress, but you can't beat our oranges.


Dave said...

Time for a new column. Smoothies are fine but we need something with punch. How about a smoothie made with beer?

tonysv said...

--"How about a smoothie made with beer?"--

I'll get right on that.

Dave said...

Good.......And good for you.

Joan Voight said...

the beer smoothie is called a Guiness.
Best enjoyed in a pub in Boston, surrounded by charming, slightly tipsy Irishmen.

Tony, see if you can top that.